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There’s ALWAYS more than meets the eye

You Shouldn’t Be Fearful of Starting Over

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Digital in 2018: World's internet users pass the 4 billion mark

The Digital Age – it’s what we are living in now. The Age of Instant Gratification and Millenial hype, where just about everything can be done online (or at the very least, on a mobile app). Order groceries, find a date, do your banking and even monitor your health. More importantly, though, is that the online world has become a place where not only can you learn, but create an income while doing so.

Affiliate Marketing Explained.

So what is Affiliate Marketing?   Affiliate marketing is perhaps easier to understand when you call it by its alternative name, referral marketing. In its modern, online form, this business model is where you point your audience to another company’s product or...

Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Your Job?

Could AI make your job redundant? If so,what will you do?While many people may find that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make things better and easier for them, this form of technology also holds pitfalls. Companies are increasingly turning to Artificial...

“How the heck did I get to be 60?”

"How the Heck did i get to be 60?"In my pursuit, of understanding and appreciating Midlife, I have been reading about Motivation. One particular book which has inspired me is, ' Drive' by Daniel H. Pink. In chapter 6 - Purpose, Daniel tells us what people usually do...

So! What is Midlife?

So! What is Mid Life? Midlife - try googling it! The search results seem to refer regularly to ‘Mid Life Crisis' Try looking the word up in a dictionary. Whilst the general definition is ‘middle age’, there are still references to the term ‘crisis’! So, assuming the...

Golf !!! Why does it have to be a Pain in the Back?

Whilst I enjoy my golf and, forever it seems, I am striving towards lowering my handicap from my current 19, the pleasure of the game does have its cons! That mainly for me being the suffering of ‘après golf’ back pain.

How Your Midlife Can Be Prosperous Instead of Crisis-Ridden!

How Your Midlife Can Be Prosperous Instead of Crisis-Ridden! After years of study and over 400 interviews regarding their midlife, former reporter Barb Hagerty gained incalculable insight into how people thrive during the middle years. I've been able to distil just a...